Refugees Got Talent

Mahmoud and his friends want to put on a talent show in their Greek refugee camp. But will it bring the happiness and joy they hope, or just exacerbate an already tense situation?
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Developed and Executive Produced by Dan Davies

Director – Theopi Skarlatos
Editor – Adam Thomas
Production Manager – Priya Biring
Research – Theopi Skarlatos, Priya Biring, Nathan Shiels
Executive Producers – Fiona Lawson-Baker, Hugh Hartford

Senior Producer (Al Jazeera) – Aloke Devichand

Production Company – Banyak Films

1 x 30 mins Observational Documentary. Al Jazeera English, Witness strand

One year on from the protests at Idomeni and the slamming shut of European borders, the film is an insight into how the human spirit survives when hope is fast diminishing.

Despite the European Union’s promises to resettle 160,000 refugees from the frontline of the crisis, little more than 8,000 have been given new homes by other EU member states who refuse to accept them (according to the commission). More than 60,000 remain in Greece, a country already struggling to cope under huge austerity.