The Age of Bolsonaro

A journalist investigates land disputes in the Amazon and how Brazil's government uses misinformation as a smokescreen. Part of Al Jazeera's series Whose Truth is it Anyway?

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25' documentary for Al Jazeera English

The media landscape is in constant flux. Social media platforms now allow anybody to become an 'expert' and opinions to be presented as facts or as 'news'. Politicians often now discredit unfavourable news reports as 'fake news' and they have become their own publishers, their messages sent out unfiltered and unchallenged.

Whose Truth Is It Anyway? looks at how journalists across the world are coming to terms with this new reality.

Director/DOP – Alexander Houghton
Editor – Ladan Anoushfar
Location AP - Maria Gabriela Gomez
Researcher / Production Manager – Jessica Morris
BLF Executive Producer – Dan Davies
AJE Executive Producer – Farid Barsoum