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Short Plays & Extracts

Requiem - The Miniaturists, Arcola Theatre

Lifeboat - The Miniaturists, Arcola Theatre

What I Do - Theatre 503 & Space Theatre

Love and Debt in the Freezone - Pop Up at 93 Feet East & Bread & Roses Theatre

55m2 - Old Red Lion, Finalist, RedFest

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***** “Confident and bold...impressive strong writing… a dystopian vision of the future’”
The Upcoming, for Love And Debt in the Freezone, pop up theatre 93 Feet East

“I loved the Lifeboat at the Arcola. Dan Davies is one of the smartest and most worldly writers around.
Author Nicolas Blincoe

“Blows away the misconceptions that bubble up around the homeless. [Steve] Hay erects an invisible barrier along the edge of the stage, reminding us that he and I live in the same city, but in different world. Top stuff.”
London City Nights, for What I Do, Space Theatre One Festival

"55 M. SQ stood out as being particularly enjoyable…a very clever piece which gave me a fit of girlish giggles” ****
Everything Theatre, for 55M. SQ at the Old Red Lion

Requiem - (20 min monologue from full play) It was all about to come good when he was rudely interrupted by his own death. The spirit of a struggling composer is forced to confront his choices as his friends and family argue about whether or not he was a success or failure at his funeral. “That’s the thing about dying, there’s no room for potential anymore… no hustle, no improvising - no jazz; everything gets laid out in very stark terms. Bank balances, contracts, assets...debt.”

Lifeboat - (15 min extract of full play) Drama set on board a migrant boat heading for Lampedusa in 2011. Djo and Monica are fleeing Congo with their child to start a life in Europe. But just as the boat breaks down, Monica spots the man who tortured her on their long journey across North Africa. As the boat drifts around the Mediterranean, ignored by European ships, the captain turns his boat into a court to try Monica’s assailant. The 5 main characters are played by actors, the rest of the migrants are the audience, who sit in the boat.

What I Do - (20 min monologue from full play) Glaswegian Dougie is homeless, and he’s very good at it. Based on a real person, this play goes beyond the moralising about homelessness and poverty to look at the reality of life on London’s streets. Dougie may look destitute, but he’s the “king” of his tube tunnel, and full of pride.

Love and Debt in the Freezone A broken nail leads to the break-up of a couple and the ruin of a woman in a dystopic future. Dark comedy set in the Freezone.

55m2 (10 min extract of full play) On the day she miscarries a baby she didn’t want, H.R assistant Emily is forced to choose between her career and her best friend. A highly disturbing look at the loneliness, pressure and the alienation of work.