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Positive Affect

Afternoon Drama, BBC Radio 4 - 16th March 2016

Satire about the current attempts to turn unemployment into a psychological issue. When unemployed graduate Kelly is sent on the Work Programme she descends into a nightmare of thought-control more interested in her to having a “positive affect” than finding her an actual job.

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Pick of the day in The Daily Telegraph & The Independent

“Daniel Davies’ play finds warmth in cold situations” The Daily Telegraph

“Sharply observed and every word rings true. First rate radio.” @lynnefriedli

“Smart & funny... engrossing.” Jack Barth, writer “The Simpsons”

“Deeply terrifying because it was all so plausible.” Megan Toogood, playwright

"Funny & poignant play about sanctions and psych coercion." @boycottworkfare

"A terrifying blend of positive psychology and Orwells 1984 thought police." @SimonWharne

Director- Marc Beeby

Writer- Daniel Davies

Kelly - Rebecca Hamilton
Jason - Chris Pavlo
Luigi - Chris Pavlo
Andrea - Debra Baker
Jane - Debra Baker
Debbie - Amelia Lowdell
Ian - Brian Protheroe
Annie - Evie Killip
Richard - Ewan Bailey
Pete - Leo Wan
Brian - Caolan McCarthy
Participant 1 - Caolan McCarthy
Security Guard - Gerard McDermott
Participant 2 - Gerard McDermott
Zoe - Katie Redford.