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The Domestic Extremists

The Space Theatre, London. 14th-28th February 2015

A young director's idea for a dry documentary about the marketisation of universities is changed first by jaded commissioner Christopher and then cynical boss Toby until it's a sensational look at volatile protesters. But what they uncover about government surveillance forces everyone to choose between their conscience and their careers.

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“The multi-layered plot unfolds with guile and intelligence. Everyone in TV should see this.” The Spectator

“There is an emotional complexity to the characters which rounds them out into people we understand. That is what makes it so hard-hitting. Gripping, highly recommended stuff. Undeniably political, but universal too. ” Views From The Gods

“Davies has an Iannucciesque ear for the lyrical absurdities of the horrible men who populate media companies. Chloe and Christophers character arcs follow a neat inverted image of one another; their respective falls from grace make for an elegant and dark conclusion.” Canvas (Vice)

“Tightly crafted… disturbing drama. Asks crucial questions [about] mass protests, corporate influence, police dirty tricks and the trivialising of news.” A World To Win

"The twists are unexpected and the tension is incendiary. If David Hare was a cleverer writer his work would be like this” The Flaneur

Once great film maker Christopher has been reduced to commissioning Daytime Lifestyle and when young director Chloe pitches her naïve programme idea, he sees the potential to redeem his career.

Chloe’s idea is a very dry and data heavy documentary about the global privatisation of universities, which Christopher dismisses as too worthy and shapes into something more dynamic . But the channel’s head of Factual and self-proclaimed “rebel” Toby demands something even more “watchable” - a purely sensational look at volatile protesters.

Despite the restrictions, what the team uncover about the police, protest, and government surveillance is so explosive it threatens to bring down the channel, and forces each of them to choose between their conscience and their careers. A modern morality tale set in a media industry terrified of dissent.

First Performed at The Space Theatre in February 2015, the three week run attracted full Arts Council funding and was the best-selling work of new writing in the theatre’s 10 year history.

Christopher – Jonathan Leinmuller
Chloe - Nicola Dalziel
Toby – Michael Roy Andrew
Roz/Lizzie – Sadie Parsons
Set & Costume Design – Isobel Power Smith
Lighting Design – Jai Morjaria

Directed by Ben Borowiecki
Co producers – Mark Lindow & Judith Durkin
Written & produced by Dan Davies