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Is Anything Broken?

Estrella Theatre, Lisbon, Portugal, May 2011
BBC Radio 4, 13th April 2012
Tristan Bates Theatre, Camden Fringe, July 2012

Patrick, an architect en route to a major pitch, is negotiating the airport obstacle course when he learns that his son has had an accident at school.

Already running late, Patrick and his assistant Oriane must now juggle multiple simultaneous phone calls and security scans, Blackberry emails and duty-free queues, as they cope with Patrick's over-complicated work and home life. The emotional rollercoaster of arranging childcare, managing a marital breakdown, call centre delays and emergency conferences are added to the gruelling airport triathlon - a circle of hell newly opened for the super-connected of the 21st century.

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“Penetrating satire that reveals the emptiness lurking beneath the symbols of success in the global corporate world... a play so of our time that it sparkles and zings…Don’t miss it.”
A World To Win

***** “Cracking. A hilarious piece of satire...Wonderfully written and acted. One of the highlights of the Camden Fringe.”
Views from the Gods

“Captured the frenzied nature of high pressure professions.”
Architects Journal

" [A] slick drama about career driven dads dilemma. Strong direction&ensemble”
Camden New Journal

"A sharp and relevant script, Slick and professionally done. Worth watching out for writer Dan Davies”
Everything Theatre